1 Shot Point and Shoot 35mm Film Camera Reusable One Shot Half Frame Camera, Built in Flash, Bundled with One Roll ASA/ISO 400 Black & White Film 18 Exp, Battery is Not Included (Green Color)


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1-film cameras – capture your most precious moments

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1 Shot is a trusted and experienced brand dedicated to developing unique cameras and photography equipment at a reasonable price to enrich your experience without compromising on perfect results. We make sure to use cutting-edge technology and the highest quality materials to meet each customer’s strict quality expectations.

Featuring a lightweight, compact design with a vintage retro look that really catches your eye, this half frame camera is available in 2 beautiful color options: green and brown.

The possibilities are endless

Vintage Perspective

Create stunning portraits, immortalize landscapes and scenes. Bring every photo to life and add a truly unique perspective to each image and capture that sense of nostalgia whenever you reminisce.

Vintage Perspective

Vintage Perspective

Vintage Perspective


The 1 Shot film camera is a half-shot camera that allows you to take 18x24mm photos on 35mm film. Cut costs and keep investment to a minimum with this camera that uses less film and delivers twice the number of shots!

Lower cost with half frame

With a user-friendly design, this film camera features a fully automatic point-and-shoot camera with a 50mm lens and fixed focus. The built-in flash makes it an ideal choice for indoor, outdoor, day and night photography, depending on your needs. A great choice for hobbyists, amateurs, beginners, professionals and more!

Why choose a 1-shot 35mm Half Frame camera?

· Easy to use and control with a single button; · Great for all levels; · Color or black and white film for amazing photos; · Works indoors and outdoors; · A beautiful gift for friends, family; · Beautiful retro design available in 2 colors;· Great for travel, light and compact.
📷 MUST HAVE FILM CAMERAS HOBBY: 1 retro half frame reusable 35mm film camera, beautiful camera, compact and functional, lightweight, suitable for portrait photography, rechargeable film camera.
📷 FOCUS FREE LIGHT IN WEIGHT EASY TO USE: Reusable 1 shot film cameras are very easy to use, suitable for film camera beginners. Light weight, suitable for travel and special occasions.
📷 CLASSIC BLACK AND WHITE FILM: The package includes one roll of black and white 35mm film with 18 exposures. Black and white images can bring a new perspective and aesthetic to your photos, different light contrasts that come to life and create classic timeless grainy nostalgic photos. Our black and white film is made in the EU.
📷 COST-SAVING AND ENVIRONMENT-FRIENDLY: Take 18×24mm photos on 35mm film, which is half of what standard full-frame cameras (24×36mm) take, portrait photos, easy smartphone viewing. A cost-saving, environmentally friendly product for using less film – 24 or 36-frame rolls provide twice the number of frames per 35mm film. It is twofold.
📷 PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR AND INDOOR PHOTOGRAPHY: One-button fully automatic point-and-shoot camera with 1/120s shutter speed, 50mm lens, fixed focus, F5.6 aperture ideal for daytime scenes. Built-in flash, it is recommended to use 1 AAA alkaline battery, and the flash has 10-15 seconds of charging time, perfect for night photography or party photography. (AAA battery not included)
🎁 THOUGHTFUL GIF: Surprise a friend, colleague, family member or film camera lover with this reusable half frame retro camera! Our reusable half frame film camera will point and shoot amazing film for film camera lovers and hobbyists on any special occasion such as birthday, anniversary, Christmas, holiday, Valentine’s Day and more.


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