BETAFPV Cetus Lite FPV Drone Kit for Kids, with Altitude Hold Self Protection Function 2 Speed Modes Support Simulator Ready to Fly Kit for Children Gifts FPV Beginners to Start Flying Indoor


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Product description

Small and convenient portability

The Cetus Lite is small in size with ultra-light weight, so it can easily perform outdoor flights while nimbly flying through tight indoor spaces. Users can conveniently put it in their pocket or bag.

Compact and specialized design

The LiteRadio 1 radio transmitter features a small size with an ergonomic design and non-slip texture for teenagers or those who prefer to use a mini radio. Also suitable for beginners to learn to fly drones, and a good choice as a gift for children or friends.

Speed ​​under pilot control

New to FPV quadcopter? It is easy for beginners to understand the speed of the Cetus quadcopter. The Cetus Lite has slow and fast speed modes that can be changed on the radio transmitter. Users can gradually improve their flying skills and make progress day by day.

Auto-calibration for accurate flight path

The automatic calibration performed by the quadcopter makes it very convenient and easy to start flying. It ensures the stability of every flight. All you have to do is lay it flat and turn it on to activate calibration mode (connect the battery).

Altitude hold, stable hover

The Cetus Lite has a built-in accurate barometer that ensures a stable hover that allows you to fly the quadcopter smoothly. With altitude hold function, new beginners can improve their FPV flight skills and get extra fun from every flight.

FPV simulator supported

Beginners can learn and practice through simulators before taking the actual flight. In addition, it is a good choice for families who play, which increases the family bond with children.

Wheelbase 65mm 65mm 65mm 75mm 95mm Goggles VR02 Goggles N/A VR02 Goggles VR02 Goggles VR03 Goggles Suitable Battery BT2.0 300mAh 1S Battery BT2.0 300mAh 300mAh 1S Battery BT105mAh 1S Battery BT2.0 300mAh C Motor 716-190001 Brushed Motor Brushed motor 716-19000KV Brushed motor 1102-18000KV Brushless motor 1103 11000KV Brushless motor Receiver Frsky D8 Frsky D8 Camera Frsky NRS/Fsky D.4 Camera Camera NRS/CeGtus Camera tilt degree 25° (cannot be adjusted) N/A 25° (cannot set) 30° (not adjustable) 0°-40° (adjustable) Transmitter LiteRadio 1 Transmitter Frsky LiteRadio 1 Transmitter Frsky LiteRadio 2 SE Transmitter Frsky SE LiteRadio 2 Transmitter LiteRadio 3 ELRS Transmitter Flight distance 80 m 80 m 80 m 80 m 500 m Flight time 4-5 min 4-5 min 4-5 min 4-5 min 5 min
【Altitude Hold, Emergency Auto Lock】Altitude hold keeps the drone at a certain height, combined with LiteRadio 1 which has two centering hinges, new beginners can easily control the height of the quadcopter. Integrated with a 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) sensor that allows the quadcopter to ensure flight safety. The Cetus Lite quadcopter automatically disables the motors when a collision is detected. It guarantees the safety of pilots and property.
【Effective protective frame design】 Safety is important, especially for children. The Cetus Lite is equipped with a propeller guard to protect the user from injury. The frame is made of PA12, a high-quality and durable material that allows it to remain strong and separate even in flight accidents. Users can fly with it confidently and do not worry about falling. This reliable construction ensures safe indoor and outdoor flying.
【Supported by FPV Simulator】You can learn and practice flying the quadcopter through the FPV simulator before actually flying. LiteRadio 1 supports playing FPV simulators like DRL/DCL/Uncrashed/Liftoff. LiteRadio 1 is capable of exercising and charging at the same time.
【VR02 FPV Goggles】The Cetus Lite FPV Kit includes VR02 FPV Goggles, and the quadcopter has a built-in VTX and camera, allowing users to fly the quadcopter with a first-person view and have an immersive flying experience. Users can also check the flight status of the quadcopter from the OSD information displayed on the goggles.
【Ready to fly】 User manual is included, you will get drone, transmitter, glasses, batteries and necessary accessories at the same time. Ready to fly. The Cetus Lite FPV Drone Kit is an excellent choice for early bird beginners as well as a safe miniature toy for children to play with.


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