Chefic Flying Orb Ball, 2022 Upgraded Flying Ball Toy, 360°Rotating Boomerang Hover Ball, Magic LED Light Flying Spinner Orb with Endless Tricks, Toys for 6 7 8 9 10+ Year Old Boys Girls – Blue


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Product description

Chefic 2022 Upgraded Flying Ball – Light up your fun with the magic flying ball

Life should be a perfect balance between work, friendship and fun, you can play with family, friends or just by yourself. The magic flying ball can fly straight, fly back like a boomerang and hover in the air, etc. The best flying toy, safe design and durability, available for indoor and outdoor use. It is also the best gift for sharing your wishes, great toys for boys and girls, and also the challenging flying ball that can stimulate children’s interest and make them move.

Packing List 1 x Flying Ball Toys 1 x USB Cable 1 x Package 1 x Manual

Why choose us?

2022 New Improved – Great toy for boys and girls

Cool lighting effects – Cool RGB lighting Smart control – Automatic stop Precise flight control – Powerful motor Super AI Chip – Brushless motor Long battery life – Super lithium battery Drop resistant and durable – Premium PP material Perfect gifts for children – Who loves flying Magic TIPS : Read the manual carefully before playing with the flying ball. Recommended for children from 6 years old. The built-in battery cannot be replaced, do not disassemble the battery arbitrarily. If the flying ball toy is seriously hot, do not charge it. Allow it to cool before charging. Do not stick your fingers into the flying toy while it is flying. This product does not include magic wands, which must be purchased separately.

Safe and fun toys for children

Premium PP material that is light, soft and flexible. Flying Orb ball toys with dense mesh, internal propeller. Advanced intelligent chip implant programming, flying more stable and powerful, intelligent control system ensures that it will stop automatically when it hits furniture or other things. Thanks to the special and safe design, children can play with confidence whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Fast USB charging

Comes with a USB cable, turning on the flying ball for 25 minutes will give you 10 minutes of flight time. It can be charged by power bank, laptop, charger adapter and car charger etc.

Anti-Drop & Portable Flying Ball

This hand-held mini drone flying toy is made of premium PP material, which is light and flexible, so it can withstand countless impacts, and you can take it anywhere and play anytime.

Dual fan design and brushless motor

The unique reverse dual design of the dual propeller provides balance support when the ball flies in the directed direction. The excellent motor offers performance for the entire product and doesn’t even take up too much weight

How to play?

First! Always keep this “UP” mark facing upwards, then the reaction force of the wind can hold the toy.

How to get started – Turn on the switch and then simply shake it! Try different angles and you will find endless possibilities to play with our mini flying ball drone.

– Fly back like a boomerang spinner –

-Hold the flying ball, hold it up 15°- 30°, then throw it, it will fly back to you. You can throw it and catch it yourself.

– Go straight and fly to the target –

Hold the flying ball, hold it down at an angle of 15°-30° and then throw it, it will fly in a straight line. This is usually used to pass the ball and on with others.

– Levitating Ball –

After shaking, do not throw away, hold the flying spinner (horizontally and vertically to the ground), then release it, put your palm on the bottom 1cm-5cm, the fly ball will float in the air with the movement of your palm. How to stop – shake or pat the fly ball. Or it automatically stops when it encounters obstacles.

Perfect gifts for boys and girls ages 6 7 8 9 10+

Boomerang Ball is a great toy, ideas for boys, girls 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14+ years old boys and girls or even adults as birthday gifts, Halloween gifts or wonderful Christmas gifts.

Hand-Controlled Mini Drones 2022 Upgrade: The flying ball can light up, rotate, hover, glide and climb through the air at your command (various launch angles and speeds), then return to your hand like a boomerang ball. Explore the endless gameplay of flying ball with family and friends is no longer limited! With flexible RGB LED lights, your magic ball will be amazingly cool at night.
Safe, lightweight and durable: This flying ball toy is made of high-quality PP material, which is light and flexible, so it can withstand countless impacts. Propellers are safely hidden inside the drone to prevent eye injury unlike other flying toys. The spherical design and protective case make it easy to grip and prevent breakage. Encrypted shell can prevent unwanted entry of fingers. The intelligent protection of the hovercraft will automatically stop when it hits furniture or other objects.
USB charging and portability: The flying ball is charged for about 20 minutes and will enjoy 10-15 minutes of flying fun. The hovering flying ball allows various charging options, such as charging with a computer, power adapter, mobile phone, portable charger, etc. When the hovering ball is discharged, the LED indicator flashes. The light will turn on when charging and turn off when fully charged. Small dimensions and light weight allow easy portability and playing without time and space restrictions.
Magical fun with many benefits: Enjoy playing this flying ball drone anytime, anywhere! Built-in RGB light, the colors are vibrant and look like a neon shooting star when you launch it across the sky. Children will be so excited that it is good for developing children’s intelligence and improving their creative abilities. Plus, it’s a perfect way for adults to reduce stress, improve parent-child interaction, and enjoy joyful fun.
Perfect gift for children: Still worried about what gifts for children? Chefic cool flying spinner toy is a fun novelty gift for birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas. The interesting floating ball attracts the attention of children and adults. Perfect for back-and-forth or team tricks with friends. Amazing gifts for 6 7 8 9 10 year old boys and girls kids adults.


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