Flying Ball Drone Magic Ball Flying Toy Hand Operated Drones for Kids or Adults – Flying Boomerang Spinner with Endless Tricks 360°Rotating & LED


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Product description


Air Suspension, Magic Controller, Sudden Acceleration, Magnet Adsorption

USB rechargeable

Built-in rechargeable battery with fast charging time. Our mini flying saucer drone can be charged via any USB port. One charge takes 30 minutes and flying time is 8-10 minutes. The light will stay on while charging and turn off when charging is complete When you receive the drone, if it doesn’t work, please charge it for more than 30 minutes first


It is durable and can withstand impacts. We encourage you to pay more attention when charging with its special and safe design Surprise someone with this unique gift AI intelligent control Stop flying after a collision The LED light bar is strengthened by a special process The soft light does not irritate the eyes and does not harm the eyes


Turn on the top button

Shake to start or stop

Fly back like a boomerang

(Throw it up 30°)

Travel in a straight line

(Throw it down 30°)

Hot tips

If you are new, play indoors first. Wait until you master the flying skills of the flying ball before playing outside

Package Contents: 1 x Spinner 1 x Instruction Manual 1 x USB Cable Notice

This product contains a non-replaceable battery. Please do not disassemble or let the battery get wet. To protect battery life, please turn off the power of FLYNOVA before charging. Do not fly FLYNOVA on light bulbs, glass and other fragile products. Do not play with FLYNOVA in bad weather such as rain, thunderstorms and strong wind to avoid injury or damage to the product. When playing outdoors, avoid rivers, roads, buildings, etc., and have plenty of safe space to walk around. Legal notice: Our Flynova Pro products are protected by US Design Patent No. 891522

Unlock and explore endless possibilities

✈EASY TO START ▬ The flying ball is very suitable for children. After pressing the trigger switch of the product with your finger, the LED lights of the magic ball will start to flash in different colors. Use your wrist to swing the boomerang ball and it will start spinning. Swing again, the boomerang ball will stop working.
✈POWERY ROTATING MOTORS ▬ A miniature internal motor gives this cool toy the power to perform wild tricks. Different throw speeds and angles allow for different flight paths, tricks and high-speed maneuvers. Power on the ufo drone with the USB cable for 30 minutes to fully charge, and it will give you a full 10 minutes of flight time on a single charge.
✈FLEXIBLE BODY ▬ Flexible barrier, the most amazing feature of the flying spinner is made of high-quality non-toxic ABS material, it has strong impact resistance, resists fall damage; mesh protection to prevent finger scratches. The spherical design and protective case mean it is completely safe to grip with your hands.
✈SAFETY PROTECTION ▬ The new design of this mini drone is based on the concept of safety, away from all the cumbersome control, leaving all the dangerous and complicated functions so that children can play with their partners easily and safely.
✈Manufacturer’s Promise ▬ If you don’t like our flying balls, we will give you a full refund. A dedicated customer service team provides you with quick response and friendly customer service that is always at your service and sure to satisfy you.


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