Lomography Simple Use Reloadable Camera Color Negative 400 Film


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Product description

Analog madness available

“Champion of Film Lomography has made exploring the 35mm format much more accessible today, while launching super-cheap cameras pre-loaded with their dream films that even the most inexperienced photographers can easily handle.” — Engadget

It’s not your classic disposable camera!

Pre-loaded with our funky Lomography films, this compact and affordable camera is ideal for beginners and can be reloaded with any 35mm film!

Easily analog

Filled with fantastic film

Our easy-to-use rechargeable film camera comes preloaded with film so you can start shooting straight away – perfect for beginners!

Choose from four different film options to give your shots an analogue feel, whether at a party, wedding, road trip or elsewhere.

Mix & Match colored gel filters

Compact and equipped with a built-in flash, you can capture the good times wherever and whenever you want. Add a pop of color to your photos with yellow, magenta and cyan flash filters. Combine these colors to create six different shades for psychedelic color shifts.

Reload and keep shooting

35mm is the most common film format on the market, so it’s very easy to get your film developed at any local lab or drugstore.

But when you’re done, keep the camera! You can easily reload it with any 35mm film.

Let’s Get Technical Film Format: 35mm cine lens Focal length: 31mm Shutter speed: 1/120s Aperture: f/9 Focus: 1m to infinity Flash: Built-in flash (press and hold charge), 15 seconds Recycle time Battery: 1 × AA Battery is included in the package Dimensions (mm): 115 × 60 × 33

Color Negative 400

Pre-installed with our Color Negative 400 for a classic analog feel.

Black white

Preloaded with our Lady Gray black and white film for moody shots full of fine grain and rich monochrome tones.

LomoChrome Purple

Pre-installed LomoChrome Purple for purple color shifts: green will turn purple, yellow will turn pink and red tones will be vibrant.

LomoChrome Metropolis

Preloaded LomoChrome Metropolis Film for bold color contrasts and muted tones with the need for #Nofilter.

Colored gels ✓ ✓ ✓ Flash ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ Battery (1x AA) ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓
Pre-installed color negative 400 film for classic analog character
Built-in flash and color gel filters for mixing and matching
Perfect for beginners, parties, weddings, making memories
Have your images developed in any photo lab
Reload and keep shooting – unlike regular disposable cameras


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