LOZENGE HJ38 GPS Drone Follow Me WiFi Quadcopter Helicopter 1080P Camera Drone RC Drone with Camera FPV 120° Wide-angle Camera + V-Sign + Gesture Video/Photography (2 Battery&1080P WiFi Camera, Black)


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In the outdoor environment, please choose an open environment first, not below, under the signal tower or take off in residential areas, because other signals in these places will affect the GPS signal of the drone, you can choose the square, waterfront, sea, open Grass and other places to take off, first perform geomagnetic calibration, you can learn the operating method of geomagnetic calibration by following the drone manual, then perform gyro calibration to ensure that more than 8 satellites are received before takeoff.

After turning on the GPS function, it can return home automatically

When the drone is paired with the remote control before turning on the power, the drone body needs to be placed in a horizontal position. If the drone body is in an inclined position when taking off, the drone can fly in an inclined direction. If there is a deviation in flight, re-level the drone and re-align the frequency or calibrate the gyroscope before take-off.

If you need to use the automatic return home function, you must turn on the GPS function and the number of satellites must be more than 8. Otherwise, if you fly without receiving enough satellites, the drone may be lost due to loss of control.

Lozenge HJ38 remote control manual

Gravity control

After connecting the drones with the camera and mobile phone/iPad, you can turn your phone forward or left to control the beginner drone moving in the same direction as when you play speed racing through the app.

GPS location

With the one-button return function, the default position is automatically

Recorded before take off. When automatic return is needed

The return mode is implemented automatically

Tap Fly – Design a route

Simply draw a route on the app screen, you can use Tap Fly to set points on the map. The drone will automatically follow and fly along the waypoints.

360° Surround Shot

360° circular flight photography with the remote control as the center

Create beautiful movies from different flight perspectives

Gesture recognition

Al gesture recognition function, intelligent recognition of gesture commands

One gesture can be used for creative posing and shooting at will

Follow me

Follow me automatically covers you no matter where you go. Enjoy the beauty and landscape through the APP

Warning! ! !

UAV propellers need to be replaced according to the corresponding propeller control model in the picture above. If the wrong model is replaced, the UAV will not take off normally!

GPS drones can’t fly indoors or in places where there is a lot of WiFi signal interference, it interferes with GPS too much indoors, please move to outdoor or any other WiFi signal interference place so that the flight operation is no problem, if you need to fly indoors, you need to turn off the GPS, otherwise it will fall down easily after connecting to WiFi

1080P UHD Camera with Image Stabilization: Optimized Full HD camera built with a Shock Absorption mount ensures high-definition pictures and videos without camera shake. 5GHz FPV transmission and 90° adjustable lens allow you to see the word from different angles.
Better battery: 3.7V 2000mAh battery can keep enough flight time. An extra battery is included in the package. A fully charged battery can maintain a flight time of 20 minutes.
ABS hull and powerful motor: The hull is made of durable and hard ABS material that has passed thousands of crash tests. Likewise, the engine is still intact after repeated crash and drop tests. It is a high quality drone that is worth buying.
GPS positioning and low noise: With GPS positioning, the drone can hover stably for aerial photography and video shooting, high air pressure and low noise make your drone more stable and quieter during gaming.
Altitude Hold Mode and Headless Mode: When you’re tired and want to free your hands, you can turn on hover tracking mode so you don’t have to operate the remote control all the time. Smart headless mode does not need to keep the drone in one direction all the time. It is easy to control. You can operate the remote control regardless of the position of the drone.


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