Paper Shoot Camera | Eco-Friendly Digital Camera (Multiple Designs) Red Hand Drawn


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Product description
Paper cameras are aesthetic cameras that are easy to operate and frame by frame, frame by frame, they encapsulate a real everyday lifestyle in addition to wonderful memories.
Automatic exposure settings, vintage-style photos, four available filters (color, black and white, sepia and cool tone), the ability to take video and time-lapse. It captures unique experiences every time you use it.
The unique cases are waterproof, highly durable and replaceable. A simple case style can range from old cameras with vintage designs, creative modern designs to creating your own reusable camera designs.
This camera is the perfect mini pocket travel companion, concert buddy and everyday life camera that allows us to fully live and appreciate special moments through photography.
If you like disposable cameras for their simplicity, aesthetics, and lack of screen or controls so you can fully live in the moment, but don’t like development or additional costs, you’ll love Paper Shoot.


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