Vivitar Phoenix Long Flight Time Drone for Adults, HD Action Camera Quadcopter with Brushless Motor and Wide Range, Foldable WiFi GPS with 3 Speeds, Follow Me, 32 Minutes Flight


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Product description

Introducing the VTI Phoenix, a compact, foldable drone that will have you shooting photos and videos like a pro in no time!

Want to capture a bird’s-eye view of your favorite places with a fun, easy-to-use, high-quality Wi-Fi camera? It’s time to ditch your outdated RC helicopter and grab an easy-to-carry video camera drone with advanced Wi-Fi technology! The Vivitar VTI Phoenix foldable camera drone is a great tool for professional photography and videography. Everything you need to get the most out of our drone is secured in a hard-sided carrying case to help keep your gear organized and protect your drone from potential damage. The two included power bank batteries allow a combined flight time of over 32 minutes, so you can get the most out of your drone’s motorized camera. With a range of 2000 feet, advanced Follow Me technology, GPS location locking and Wi-Fi transmission capability, the Vivitar VTI Phoenix is ​​the perfect folding drone with a high-quality camera for any hobbyist.

The VTI Phoenix features a motorized 2048 x 1152p HD camera that can rotate 180 degrees to capture the perfect image! Simply connect the drone to your smartphone and use this incredible camera to capture an incredible bird’s eye view of your surroundings!

Take off and land precisely at the touch of a button!

With the VTI Phoenix Drone, you’ll be flying like a pro in no time! Simply press the button to take off and land and get the drone safely and securely in the air or back on the ground! Place your smartphone in the phone holder and get a clear view of the drone’s camera right in the palm of your hand!

Inside the box you will receive a sturdy and secure carrying case, the VTI Phoenix drone and remote control, as well as an additional set of blades, a USB charger to charge BOTH battery packs for a total flight time of over 32 minutes. !

The VTI Phoenix smartphone app is perfect for capturing a live stream of your drone in real time!

Change the angle of view, take photos and videos, and even control your drone on the go with our Android and Apple app!

HD Rotatable Camera: Our RC quadcopter is equipped with a motorized HD camera that can rotate up to 180 degrees while recording, allowing you to capture every moment, making it a perfect choice for capturing action scenes or just for normal everyday use.
Adjustable Speed ​​Modes: We combine GPS technology with a powerful brushless motor to bring you adult camera drones that allow you to choose from 3 speed settings (slow, medium and fast) while maintaining stability for clearer shots and recordings.
Support GPS and WIFI: Long-range drones with cameras use GPS positioning to track you when you are moving and come back to you with the headless mode function. It offers Wi-Fi streaming to give you a live feed directly to your phone via the app
Versatile and Multi-Purpose: Professional camera drones provide altitude and position-locking features that, combined with a rotating camera, allow you to record videos and take pictures at the right angle, making them ideal for recording action scenes, parties, aerial shots, etc.
Longer flight and coverage: Our adult HD video recording drones provide up to 32 minutes of flight on a full charge and maintain a stable connection up to 3500 meters away. It can be folded and comes with a bag for easy travel. The drive can be recharged via a USB adapter within 4-5 hours, even when you’re on the go


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