Walimex Pro 500/6.3 DSLR Mirror Nikon F White


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When used on a digital SLR camera (e.g. Nikon D40, D40x, D50, D60, D70, D70s, D80, D90, D100, D200, D300, D5000, D2Xs) the result is a SUPERTELE with an equivalent focal length of 750mm due to the extension of the focal length by 1 ,5! (Or preferably 1500 mm with optional 2x converter)
The walimex Pro 500/6.3DX Mirror Tele Lens has a focal length of 500mm and a good speed of 1:6.3. The robust metal housing and high-quality workmanship and mechanics ensure good image quality. Thanks to the very short closest focusing distance of only 2 meters, the lens allows for very good magnification. Focusing is done manually. The lens can be used with aperture priority and manual exposure settings. Thanks to its easy handling, the lens is also suitable for beginners.
Important Note: Please note that the Nikon d40, d50, d70, d70s, d80, d90 and d100 models do not have built-in exposure metering in conjunction with MF lenses. Exposure measurement must be done externally. All other Nikon analog and digital models support exposure metering and aperture priority with this lens.
suitable for Nikon-F-bayonet, fast and short telephoto lens with T2 connection, first-class processing and mechanics, robust metal case
ideal for travel, nature and animal photography, manual focus, can be used with aperture priority and manual exposure
tip: doubling the focal length with the optional 2x T2 converter (1000 mm)!, very short focusing distance approx. 2 m
with the adapters we supply, this lens can be used with many other cameras: Olympus OM, 4/3, micro 4/3, Canon AF, FD, Minolta AF, MD, Pentax, Leica R/SL, Praktica, Samsung, Sony A
includes: 1x Walimex Pro 500/6.3 DX Mirror Tele, 1x T2 adapter for Nikon, 1x quality storage bag


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